Landlord/Tenant law covers all aspects of renting a property. Whether you own your home or rent a house, apartment, condo or townhouse, you have certain basic legal rights. These basic rights include the right of quiet enjoyment, safety and appropriate living conditions. It is the obligation of the property owner of the property, or landlord, to provide many of the things that result in these rights. These include clean running water, adequate heating and cooling, access to sanitary and safe bathrooms and living areas, maintenance and proper entrances and exits.

Landlords have a responsibility to uphold and maintain safe and healthy living conditions in an apartment, condo, townhouse, multifamily home, or residential hotel. Unfortunately, not all landlords are responsible caretakers in this regard and many tenants are often neglected, ignored or taken advantage of due to their inferior bargaining position. Tenants may need to consult with a lawyer when they believe their landlord has done something illegal, such as failing to repair a faulty electrical system or failing to address legitimate concerns which affect their health or safety.

The attorneys at Garcia | Marsalli, LLP believe strongly in the rights of tenants and fight for those who have suffered significant loss or injury from exposure to mold or toxic conditions; have been illegally evicted or locked out; have had their legitimate complaints ignored; or have been forced to live with dangerous, unsanitary or unsafe conditions on the property.

Garcia | Marsalli, LLP also believes in the rights of responsible landlords who encounter problems with tenants. Landlords are entitled to timely payment of rent, appropriate usage of their property and proper maintenance pursuant to the terms of the lease or rental agreement. We can assist landlords with enforcing rental agreements, ensuring timely and proper payment of rent, and evictions.

If you have encountered problems with your rental unit or have any questions about your rights as a tenant or owner, we invite you to contact our office.