Problems with inadequate or unbalanced heating and cooling are a common source of homeowner concerns. Our clients routinely complain that they have a particular bedroom that never cools down in the summer, or does not get warm enough in the winter. This is often caused by undersized equipment for the size of the living space. However, inspectors routinely discover an assortment of HVAC issues. The photos below reveal disconnected ductwork, missing drip-pans damaging plywood, damaged and deteriorated insulation, and other installation problems.

DISCLAIMER: The photos above are for illustration and reference purposes only. Your property may or may not have the issues represented above, and no legal representations, guarantees or warranties are made with respect to the ability to recover for the same or similar issues. The existence of a defect or construction problem, including those illustrated above, does not necessarily mean that there is a legal basis for recovery. There are several statutes of limitations, applicable laws, building codes and possible legal defenses which will impact a homeowner’s or homeowner associations’ ability to assert a claim and recover damages or other legal relief. Questions about the foregoing should be directed to one of our attorneys.

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