The lawyers at Garcia | Marsalli, LLP recognize that consumers are often themselves small business owners. In the routine course of doing business, there are many occasions where a lawyer becomes necessary. Whether it is a routine matter such as drafting a contract or collecting a debt or a more complicated problem such as enforcing a contract or litigating a dispute, Garcia | Marsalli, LLP can help.

The lawyers at Garcia | Marsalli, LLP have assisted individuals and small business owners in many types of routine and challenging legal issues that they encounter in their everyday business dealings. If you have a specific legal need that requires a responsive, competent and aggressive law firm that will work within your financial and time requirements, we are here to help.

We can assist individuals and business in many areas including the following:

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Non-payment of debts
  • Torts
    • Premises Liability (Slip and Fall)
    • Negligence
    • Personal Injury
    • Unfair Business Practices

We invite you to contact our firm for a free consultation and for more information about how we might help you.