Garcia | Marsalli, LLP is passionately committed to helping homeowners, homeowner associations, and consumers. We represent homeowners and HOAs with construction defects and in other matters related to the ownership and transfer of real property. We also represent consumers who have been deceived or taken advantage of by companies or corporations, or who have been injured by the intentional or careless actions of others.

At Garcia | Marsalli, LLP, we recognize that most people have limited experience with the legal system and may even be intimidated by the idea of working with an attorney. We consider it an important part of our job to ensure that our clients feel educated and comfortable with the entire legal process. We have provided aggressive and successful representation to thousands of clients throughout California, from all manner of personal backgrounds: ranging from first-time homebuyers who have never spoken to an attorney before, to more sophisticated business clients.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Just received my check in the mail. What a nice surprise, and the funds are direly needed. Thank you so much for pursuing this for us homeowners. Deeds like this are never forgotten!”

    Gerry. L

  • "I want to thank you and all your staff for your efforts in the case. We appreciate all the hard work you put in and we are very pleased with the end result. All the best.”

    Frank V.

  • "I received my check. I was very happy with the settlement. Thank you for working hard to achieve the best result.”

    Renee G.

  • "We received the check today in the mail, thank you! It was a pleasure having you on our side. We’re grateful for you and your team who helped us receive compensation for the issues we have on our home. Your communication throughout this entire process was much appreciated. With sincere thanks.”

    Shannon B.

  • "Dear Israel: I received my settlement check a few days ago. I was very happy to see it was about three times more than I expected. Talk about under promising and over delivering! Thank you so much! I appreciate the support your firm has provided throughout this process. You kept in regular contact with me, updated me often, and showed great patience in dealing with my disabilities and the delays they caused me. Even lawyers need lawyers and I am very grateful to you being mine… Thank you again so much!”

    David L., Esq.

  • "I personally want to thank you for taking up this case and making it happen. We as your client never had any issues and you made it all transparent. You have always communicated and reached out to every one of us. Also the help and support during these past few years you provided was exceptional. Cannot ask for a better law firm than your team. Once again thank your team for this!"

    Venkata R.

  • "I want to extend my sincere gratitude for your tenacity on this litigation; and for a job well done! Kim and I both appreciate how difficult these last couple of years must have been on you, representing so many folks on this critical crusade! And you came through with flying colors, achieving more than we EVER expected! We've already put the money to good use with reparations and improvements to the house... We're confident the concerns have been mitigated. So, once again thank you so very much for your dedication to duty and your staunch support and ethical conduct!"

    "All the best, your grateful clients." - Jim & Kimberly A.

  • "I got the check!!! Thank you. I've got to tell you, you are the FIRST attorney that ever represented me that did what they said they could and would do!!!! Thanks again for your professionalism."

    Greg B.

  • "Hello Jerod. My family and I would like to say 'Thank You' to you and all involved, in seeing this matter to a satisfactory conclusion...Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year! Godspeed."

    Edwin & Concepcion S.

  • "I appreciate the hard work you and your team has put in, fighting for homeowners like us. THANK YOU!!!”

    Ted C.

  • "My wife, Cindy, and I wish to thank you for all your effort regarding settling the construction defect lawsuit on our behalf. You and your staff were ever so courteous but steadfast in your endeavors and we convey our heartfelt thanks... Thank you, and we will certainly refer your services to anyone in need!"

    Jose & Cindy M.

  • "We just received your letter regarding the settlement. It is great news. Thank you and your firm very much for the nice work."

    Paul F.

  • "Dear Marsalli Team - Great Job guys! I am very thankful and very relieved... Thank you so much!"

    Martha P.

  • "All your hard work was really appreciated very much. Best of luck and thanks!"

    Nancy B.

  • "Thank you greatly for your assistance in this matter… Without your firm’s diligence, not only would the builder go on to build more shoddy homes, but none of us would have any compensation for our losses… I doubt any of us involved in this matter had the wherewithal to pursue just compensation on our own (I know I didn’t) and without someone such as yourself and your team standing up for us, not only would we not receive any compensation, there would be far more shabby manufacturers out there and we would all be the worse for that."

    John L.

  • "Garcia | Marsalli attorneys and (their staff) are very trustworthy, dependable and stand by their word of honor. What they say they do, and what they do they say. Very reliable! We are very happy with your services. Thank you very much to all of you."

    Tomas K.

  • "Garcia | Marsalli stayed on track and never let the hopes of the homeowners lose faith. They stood by their resolve to see the outcome come to our expectations… Thank you for the assistance!"

    Carlos G.

  • "You were in it for the long haul with us and always had our best interests in mind. We are very satisfied!"

    Names withheld upon request

  • "Dear Sirs, my settlement funds arrived in today’s mail. Once again, thank you, your partners, and staff for doing a five-star job. I will maintain all records and recommend your firm to any family and friends who are in need of any legal representation. THANK YOU ALL… You have exceeded my expectations throughout this entire process."

    James K.

  • "I wanted to reach out and tell you thank you for resolving this case. Great way to under promise and over deliver!"


  • "We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the hard work you did for us. We got a well deserved result and if not for your law office undertaking this case it would not have been possible. We are happy and satisfied. Thank you and Godbless..."

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric M.

Practice Areas

We represent homeowners, homeowner associations and consumers in several areas.
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The lawyers at Garcia | Marsalli, LLP (GM, LLP) have over 40 years of combined experience handling construction defect cases. Additionally, the firm assists clients with real estate disputes and landlord tenant law. Garcia | Marsalli, LLP provides competent, aggressive and thoughtful representation in every facet of construction disputes, real estate disputes and the purchase and sale of real property. The attorneys have litigated cases resulting in the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of clients throughout California.


As fortunate citizens of this great country, we have a reasonable expectation not to be harmed by others, whether they be individuals or businesses. We also have the right to expect honest dealings in our everyday affairs by those whom we encounter. Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the rules. In instances where a consumer is harmed by a defective product, misled by a company concerning the purchase of a product, or experiences unfair business dealings, the lawyers at Garcia | Marsalli, LLP are there to help. In addition, GM, LLP can assist clients who have been taken advantage of by their insurance company. We have extensive experience in helping consumers assert their legal rights and achieve justice.


A lawsuit is not always the answer to every conflict or disagreement. Many matters can be resolved short of filing an actual lawsuit in court. Additionally, many disputes can be avoided altogether through proper legal planning and preparation. The lawyers at Garcia | Marsalli, LLP can provide effective strategies for avoiding legal problems and assess the best course of action if and when a dispute arises. We have years of experience engaging in pre-litigation dispute resolution procedures which aim to expedite the resolution of a legal conflict while maximizing our clients’ recovery and saving money for all involved.